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Sorcery's Child

The Mindbender's Rise: Book 2

   The day his best friend is murdered, Viper is a thirteen-year-old apprentice whose only goals are to graduate to sorcery’s third level and to save enough money to buy a new book. But now he’s running from a killer, battling monsters large and small, and trying to keep up with his prickly companion.

   Traveling the world is great fun, if a bit dangerous, but trouble follows him like a vulture spiraling down on dead meat. He can’t tell if he’s the target, or if it’s all his imagination.

Sorcery's Child by DJ Salisbury

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A five-star review for Sorcery's Child on
A good continuation of the series. I love coming of age stories and this series has been quite enjoyable. Although the characters are fairly young the story does not pander to a young audience. The main characters face challenges that have real consequences. Many newer authors fail to challenge their protagonists letting them have wonderful adventures full of easy magic. Not in this series especially in this book. I am going to read book 3 immediately. I did not notice any glaring grammatical errors but I am not that critical when speeding through a good read. Try this series if you enjoy Coming of Age Fantasy