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A 5-star review on Goodreads:

This picks up where the Mindbender's Rise series left off! Yay! There's Viper, of course. And Baby Bear (I'm not going to even try to spell her real name - if you read the first series, you know who I'm talking about). And a little bit of Lorel. And a couple old friends are there, too. Plus, there's a whole new group of characters that are totally awesome. No spoilers, but when that one thing happened... :sob: And the end... :sniffle:

I can't wait to see what's in store next.

Dead Wizard's Loot

Wizard Whitewing: Book 1

Stealing from any magical being is always a bad idea, but when Jamie and Aidan pilfer souvenirs from a dead wizard, they crack open a cage they don’t even know exists. 

Wizard Whitewing-Viper returned home only three days ago, and right now he thinks his biggest problems are deciding how to organize his library, figuring out how a pair of teenagers got into his magical labyrinth, and understanding an oddly-behaving air sprite.

Too bad their problems never stay small.

Dead Wizard's Loot by fantasy author DJ Salisbury