Magic's Child

The Mindbender's Rise: Book 7

How do you stop a Mindbender?

The world’s newest wizard, dubbed Whitewing but known to friends as Viper, accepts the mission to track down and destroy a Mindbender before it takes over the world. But if his own half-trained magic doesn’t destroy him, battling wizards unhinged by the enemy will.

Just one thing worries him: How can a wizard named after a butterfly defeat anybody?

The final book in this series.

5-Star Review for Magic's Child:

"Perfect end to a most excellent series. All the feels were there - happy, sad, excited, thrilled, angry, surprised - and Ms. Salisbury tied it all up into a mostly happy ending. (No spoilers. I hate spoilers. But wait'll you see who the Mindbender is. Shocker. Totally.) I've got the first book of the next series waiting for me on my Kindle, but I'm going to have to wait for the feelings to die down a bit before I jump into that one." 

Magic's Child by fantasy author DJ Salisbury

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