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These books get better and more intricate withe every installment. I can't wait to see what the next one brings! I loved the introduction of the dragons. And how Lorel and Tsai had to learn to be more self-sufficient. And how Viper is becoming more certain of his abilities. He's a better sorcerer than he thinks, and when he finally meets the Mindbender, look out! Oh, and I love the new additions to the characters. So much fun!

Dragon's Child by DJ Salisbury

Dragon's Child

The Mindbender's Rise: Book 4

Learning magic the hard way.

Getting snatched by a dragon may not be a death sentence, but it certainly feels like one.

While Viper struggles to learn enough magic to escape the dragon’s lair before the creature decides to eat him, Lorel, Tsai’dona, and Kyri battle through the mountains to locate and rescue him.

But the dragon has plans of her own.