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"Great book. Holds your attention throughout. You never know whats going to happen next."

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 Feda's Anchor

Sixteen-year-old Denton is shocked when he’s blamed for a child’s death, and horrified by the blackmail that follows: If he doesn’t steal the ancient Blue Anchor from the temple, his family will be framed and murdered, executed by priests sworn to protect the holy relic.

Before he can decide what to do, he’s saddled with cousins he doesn’t dare confide in. Surely they can’t get into trouble when he takes them to visit a ruined castle while he figures out how do deal with the threat.

But his cousin vanishes into a tunnel beneath the ruins and becomes trapped inside a sorcerous labyrinth designed to imprison a necromancer. Denton is torn between finding her before her torch dies and rescuing his parents from the priests’ prison.

  And something lives inside the maze.