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A comfortable new home, half-learned magic, and a chancy friendship. Grabbing all three is like juggling knives: if he doesn’t get a handle on everything, a bully’s blade will shred his soul.

Getting snatched by a dragon may not be a death sentence, but it certainly feels like one.

Coming in September!

Dragon's Child by DJ Salisbury
When Denton loses his cousin inside a necromancer’s prison, he battles blackmail, magic and mayhem to rescue her.

The day his best friend dies, Viper is a thirteen-year-old apprentice whose sole goal is to achieve sorcery’s third level. Now he’s running from a murderer.

When a magical creature talks Viper into creating weapons to prevent the rise of a dreaded Mindbender, Lorel agrees to help. Even if it does mean traveling with a monster-sized snake.

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